Hello! My name is Jason Becker & I am an Art Director in Scottsdale, Arizona. With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and over 20 years in advertising I would bring additional professionalism and creativity to your already successful company.
I’ve been living in the Scottsdale area since August 2015 and am currently at a Hospitality Group in Scottsdale, Arizona. Before moving to Scottsdale I worked as Art Director at Cfx Incorporated (Advertising Agency in St. Louis, Missouri). In my role I supervised and worked with staff photographers, copywriters and other graphic designers to develop the overall style of advertising campaigns including television commercials, rebranding, packaging, fundraising events and many other products. One of my duties was to conduct meetings & discussions with clients to develop the best approach and style to suit the product. I also worked within budgets and time lines to coordinate creative department activities and present preliminary designs for approval.
In my career I have worked as Senior Graphic Designer at Monsanto Corporation, a Fortune500 company where I was responsible for branding multiple corporate conferences every year. With experience in print, television and the visual aspects of website design I come with awealth of experience.
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